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The septic tank provides primary treatment to wastewater in a septic system (usually followed by a drain field or an advanced secondary treatment unit).

Rewatec septic tanks are ideal for all residential, commercial and industrial applications. Quick to install, simple to use and easy to maintain. They are durable and designed to protect your property and the environment for life.

Our septic tanks are available in polyethylene and concrete in sizes from 2,800 to 50,000 L. 

Residential septic tanks complying with NQ 3680-905.

Available only in Québec.

From $1,200

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  • For 2 to 6-bedroom principal residences
  • All soil types
  • Primary residences, office buildings, restaurants, grocery stores, campsites, and parks

  • Input device
  • Built-in pre-filter to protect downstream components
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene or concrete lids

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