Refund policy

Article 1. Eligible products

Products sold by Premier Tech Water and Environment™ through its website Water and wastewater treatment products | Premier Tech ( are not eligible for a free return within 10 days of receipt, except in the following cases:

  • The product is defective.
  • The product received does not correspond to the product ordered.

A product is considered defective if, upon receipt, it proves to be unusable or unable to perform the normal function for which it was intended. If the product becomes defective after one or more uses, please refer to the warranty.

Article 2. Sales products

Sales products are final sale. They cannot be returned to or refunded by Premier Tech Water and Environment™.

Article 3. Others products

All products that are neither eligible products nor sale products may be returned within 10 days of receipt.

A restocking fee equivalent to 20% of the product’s base price will be deducted from the refund issued by Premier Tech Water and Environment™.

Article 4. Deadline

The customer who wishes to return an eligible or other product must carry out the reshipment within 10 days of receipt. The delivery note must be included.

Once this period has elapsed, Premier Tech Water and Environment™ reserves the right to refuse all return requests.

Article 5. Product terms

Eligible products can only be returned in their original packaging and unused. Premier Tech Water and Environment™ reserves the right to refuse any return request that does not comply with these conditions.

Article 6. Shipping costs

Shipping costs relating to eligible products will be reimbursed by Premier Tech Water and Environment™.

Shipping costs relating to other products will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Article 7. Transfer of risk

The risk of loss and the title related to the products purchased from Premier Tech Water and Environment™ are transferred to the customer at the time of the product’s delivery to the carrier.

Article 8. Cancellation

Customers who wish to cancel their order before it is shipped will be eligible for a full refund from Premier Tech Water and Environment™.

If the order requires multiple shipments, only the unshipped items can be canceled. The customer will be eligible for refund of 80% of the total price of the unshipped products.

Cancellation of an order is no longer permitted once it has been shipped.

Article 9. Procedure

Any requests for return or cancellation must be sent by email to Once the products have been received and examined by Premier Tech Water and Environment™, a refund will be sent out in the next 7 to 14 business days to the credit card used for the purchase or by any other means deemed appropriate by Premier Tech Water and Environment™.

In the event that Premier Tech Water and Environment™ finds that the returned products are not covered by this policy, no refund will be issued. Any shipping and reshipping costs will be the customer’s responsibility.

Article 10. Legal guarantee

The Consumer Protection Act (the "law") grants a guarantee on all goods you buy or rent a trader. The property must be able to serve (a) for the purpose of which it is normally intended (Article 37 of the Act) (b) to a normal use for a reasonable period of time, which may vary depending on the price paid, the contractual provisions and the conditions of use (Article 38 of the Act).


Article 11. Conventional guarantee

In addition to the suspected legal warranty, the Premier Tech ensures that the goods sold is adequate for normal use, and that it is free of defects of design or defects for a period of eighteen months from the six months. (6) Month following the date of shipping of the equipment by Premier Tech. During this period, Premier Tech will provide a replacement part for any defective part, at no cost, provided the customer returns said defective part to Premier Tech. Premier Tech will provide you with a return number (RMA) will be provided and the carrier will be selected by Premier Tech. The credit of the product will be allowed following the receipt of the material and the conformity validation (in the new state) of the product. Returned products should be in all original packages for the return to be considered valid. Premier Tech does not guarantee: a) materials consumable by the material (oil, fats, etc.) b) the parts subject to normal wear c) defects resulting from an inadequate, inadequate or non-compliant use of the user manual Hardware (too intensive use, inadequate storage, inappropriate maintenance, climatic, chemical, electrical or mechanical influences, etc.) d) labor costs and the transport of relative persons relating to the replacement of the defective part.

If within the warranty period The Customer repairs the material, through the workman manufacturer, of one of its employees or by a third party other than an authorized representative of Premier Tech, Premier Tech may refuse to honor any claim that could have been covered by the original manufacturer's warranty or the conventional guarantee.

Premier Tech excludes any liability if within the warranty period the client proceeds, by one third other than an authorized representative of Premier Tech, to any modification, processing, repair or dismantling of the material. This warranty will cease to apply from the discovery of one of the situations described above and Premier Tech may refuse to honor any claim which could have been covered by the warranty. In this case, the customer will have to fully assume the costs of repairing the equipment. Premier Tech responsibility for its obligation to be guaranteed will not be able to exceed the cost of equipment.