Ecophyltre System Maintenance 2024

$266.00 CAD

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This service is currently offered only in Québec.

Maintaining your septic system is the best way to protect your investment and ensure efficient, long-lasting wastewater treatment. 

Annual maintenance maximizes system life and ensures that your system protects your property and the environment. It's also an opportunity to spot any components that need repair or replacement, and to identify certain situations before they become problematic.

This service is currently offered only in Québec.

  • Maintenance visit by one of our annually trained partners
  • Analysis by our experts
  • Report issued (archiving of previous data)
  • 24/7 customer service to answer questions and deal with emergencies

If you purchase maintenance for an advanced secondary system and, at the time of the service visit, the system also includes a tertiary system, the service fee will be billed to you subsequently. 

Note: This purchase is not a physical product.

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