Polylok 20'' Diameter x 3'' Pan Septic Tank Riser

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This riser pan provides a built in 59 lb. concrete plug for additional safety. This built in safety plug will act as a secondary layer of protection if the riser cover is unknowingly damaged, removed or not put back on. It accepts additional 20'' Polylok risers to bring to grade. Our 20" Low Profile Riser Pan can be used as a riser or can be cast in to allow for a concrete plug.

Polylok part number: 3009-LPRP

  • Allows the tank, riser and tank cover to be cast together
  • Working with additional 24'' Risers to be placed at ground level for maintenance
  • The riser pan is provided with a keyway for positioning the concrete cover
  • The riser pan is held in perfect alignment with the inner core of the mold with four mold attachment nails for quick installation
  • Patented ring guarantees water and air tightness between the concrete tank and the riser
  • Can be used as a 3" riser
  • Works with Polylok covers (part numbers 3009-RC & 3017-C20)
  • The 59 lb. cap meets the ASTM C-1227 standard for precast concrete septic tanks

  • Size : 20’’
  • Color : Green
  • Material : HDPE
  • Shape : Round

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