Ecoflo linear biofilter

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The Ecoflo linear biofilter is best for homes and cottages with appropriate space and soil for a limited septic drain field.

This energy-free treatment system receives wastewater from your septic tank. It removes contaminants with a natural, compostable and 100 % renewable a coco filtration pad. Treated wastewater then infiltrates directly into the ground below.

We provide free support to guide you through every step of your septic project.

Canada : Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia

Peace of mind

  • Zero-energy treatment
  • 24/7 autonomous operation
  • minimal maintenance

Discreet installation

  • Smaller than a traditional drain field
  • Integrates seamlessly into landscape
  • Noiseless and odourless

Easy to refurbish

  • Filter life expectancy is 20+ years
  • Reusable hard components
  • Minimal excavation process

  • Main residences
  • Chalets
  • Cottages
  • Residential developments
  • Residential buildings
  • Campsites and parks
  • Office buildings
  • Schools



Functions and details

Sand layer


Not provided by Premier Tech Water and Environment.

Filtration sand with a d10 between 0.13 and 0.60 with a Cu < 8, no more than 5% fines passing through a 0.074 mm sieve, and a percolation time of at least 4 min/cm and no more than 12 min/cm, or according to local regulations.

Collection and / sampling tray


1,200 mm x 600 mm (48’’ x 24’’)

Filtration pad

Consolidated coco fibers

Wastewater treatment
Nominal 1,22 m X 0,40 m X 0,20 m (48’’ x 16’’ x 8’’)

Protective chamber


Protects system components and distributes water on the filtration pads.
1,36 m X 0,66 m X 0,30 m (53.5’’ x 26’’ x 12’’)

Inlet/end caps


Closes runs and allows piping connection.

Top cover


Allows distribution channel access, protection, and chamber stabilization.

Dosing device
(option 1)


Sends wastewater doses into the distribution channels.

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