Gérer les odeurs de fosse septique avec les filtres au charbon

Managing septic tank odours with charcoal air filters

Residential septic systems can sometimes create unpleasant odours. Most of the time, these odours come from the septic tank.

Where do septic tank odours come from?

Odours from residential septic systems come from gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the septic tank. Usually, these gases harmlessly disperse through a home’s air vent. However, unpleasant odours can still linger in the area around the vent.

The solution: charcoal air filters

Charcoal air filters are effective solutions for reducing and eliminating odours created by residential septic systems. These filters install onto a home’s air vent, which is usually a vertical pipe on a house’s roof.
Charcoal air filters use activated charcoal to retain the foul-smelling compounds found in septic tank gases. By trapping molecules from these compounds on their surface, charcoal air filters reduce the compound concentration in the air, which in turn reduces the gases’ odours.

Advantages of charcoal air filters

  • Reduction in septic tank odours
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Improves air quality by eliminating foul-smelling compounds

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Installing a charcoal air filter

Installing a charcoal air filter is relatively simple and can often be carried out by a plumber or wastewater professional. A homeowner can also install it themselves.

Here’s how to install a charcoal air filter on your home’s air vent:

    1. remove the bolts from the base of the charcoal filter
    2. place the filter over the vent pipe
    3. screw the bolts back in place to secure the charcoal filter to the vent pipe

A charcoal air filter needs little maintenance once installed. However, you will need to replace the cartridge periodically.

What charcoal air filters can’t do

While installing a charcoal air filter reduces unpleasant odours, it might not get rid of them entirely. However, it is a simple, economical solution to quickly reduce unpleasant odours. Contact a plumber if foul odours remain inside your home after installing a charcoal air filter.

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