Polylok 20'' x 3'' Septic Tank Riser/Pan

$69.00 CAD

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This 20" Low Profile Riser Pan can be used as a riser or can be cast in to allow for a concrete plug. It accepts additional 20'' Polylok risers to bring to grade. 

Polylok part number: 3009-LPRP

  • Allows the tank, riser and tank cover to be cast together
  • Working with additional 24'' Risers to be placed at ground level for maintenance
  • The riser pan is provided with a keyway for positioning the concrete cover
  • Patented ring guarantees water and air tightness between the concrete tank and the riser
  • Can be used as a 3" riser

  • Size : 20’’
  • Color : Green
  • Material : HDPE
  • Shape : Round

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