Comment nettoyer le préfiltre de votre fosse septique?

How to clean your septic tank's prefilter?

Cleaning your septic tank's prefilter annually helps maintain your septic system's treatment performance.

The prefilter (or effluent filter) captures suspended solids that could clog system components downstream.

Here’s how to clean it step by step:

  1. Remove both septic tank lids.
  2. Remove the prefilter cartridge. You can find it in either the second compartment of the septic tank or inside the access that is closest to the Ecofo compact biofilter.
  3. Clean the cartridge with a garden hose while holding it over the first compartment (the one closest to your house). That way, any debris that falls off will go into the septic tank and be treated.
  4. Put the prefilter cartridge back in according to the direction on the arrow.
  5. Return both septic tank lids to their original positions and close them.
IMPORTANT: wear long clothes with gloves and protective goggles. Wash your hands and change your clothes immediately once you finish cleaning the prefilter.