Hand Wash Station

A convenient, practical and safe way to ensure hand hygiene.

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Easy to clean



Double Bac Mobile Hand Washer

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This double-tray washbasin was developed according to a modern design to easily integrate this equipment into any type of environment.
Designed to provide a quick and convenient disinfection point, it can be used simultaneously by two people.
This unit can operate autonomously or connected to a water supply and sanitation network.

• Robust and easy maintenance.
• Transport handles.
• Opening by an articulated lid.
• Works autonomously or connected to water supply and sanitation systems.
• Closed clean water tank that allows the use of chlorine tablets for better disinfection.


580 mm


840 mm


1.350 mm

  • Made from high density polyethylene.
  • UV resistant.
  • Vacuum weight: 30 kg.
  • Clean water tank: 120 L.
  • Used Water Tank: 130 L.
  • Pumps on foot, with 350 to 650 uses and 3 to 6 pump controls.
  • 3/4 "drain plug to empty the clean water tank.
  • 3/4 "drain plug to empty the used water tank.
  • Liquid soap dispenser.
  • Disinfectant distributor.
  • Dispenser of paper towels.
  • Connection for power supply of clean water tank.
  • Connection for the evacuation of the used water tank to the sewers.
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